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Custome Balloon Garland & Fringe

The Pretty Blue Bounce House: Dive into a world of excitement and laughter with our enchanting Pretty Blue Bounce House. This vibrant inflatable attraction is the epitome of fun, perfect for birthdays, gatherings, and sunny days of play. With its inviting shades of blue and captivating design, this bounce house becomes the highlight of any event. Kids and adults alike can bounce, jump, and create lasting memories in a safe and colorful environment. The Pretty Blue Bounce House is not just an inflatable; it's a portal to endless joy and laughter, making your celebration a true delight for all ages.

10 FT.  

How It works...

Firstly, determining the garland's length you would like. Next, let your creativity soar as you choose from our extensive array of high-quality balloons, including brands like Qualatex, TurfTex, and Sempertex. To achieve a visually captivating arrangement, we suggest a delightful mix of balloon sizes ranging from 5" to 24". If you find yourself overwhelmed with choices, simply share an inspiration photo with us, and our team will work its magic to create a breathtaking garland that perfectly matches your vision. 


Balloon Garland Minimum-$200


Standard Balloon Garland

Create an enchanting ambiance at your event with our Standard Balloon Garland, starting at just $20 per linear foot. This delightful option includes a mix of 18, 11, and 5-inch balloons, ensuring a picture-perfect display that will leave your guests in awe. Please note that there are additional fees for foil balloons, print balloons, and floral accessories.

Deluxe Balloon Garland  

For a touch of grandeur, indulge in our Deluxe Balloon Garland priced at $25 per linear foot. In addition to the standard balloons, this option features elegant 24-inch balloons, creating an even more impressive and eye-catching centerpiece for your event. 

Balloon Garland for our 13x13 Bounce Houses 

We recommend opting for a garland that is at least 10FT. or larger to achieve an awe-inspiring impact. 

Balloon Garland for our 9x9 Bounce Houses  

We recommend any size 8 FT. or larger to complement the space beautifully. Message our team directly if you prefer 8FT.

Candy Cart & Backdrops 

For candy cart and backdrop decorations, we recommend any size 10FT. or larger to create a captivating and stylish setting for your event.

Delivery is an additional Cost

White Bounce House with Fringe

Fringe Starting Price- $100


Let's go.

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